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Monday, August 21, 2017

I had a Root Canal, I had a Crown and the Tooth still hurts! Why?

I had a root canal treatment.  They put the crown on afterwards and now the tooth is still sensitive.
Why does this happen?
Well let us start off by saying that root canal treatment is highly successful but highly successful does mean that there are failures.  Even with a success rate in the 90 percentile and above, if you are one of the few where it doesn't work, it is very unpleasant.
Why can a root canal treatment fail?  There may be an extra canal or 2 which we did not see and accordingly did not clean and therefore bacteria was left in the tooth.  As good as we get, and we are always getting better with greater magnification and better techniques, we still miss canals. Sometimes there maybe a fracture in the tooth which causes ingress of bacteria and dooms the tooth.
These things can happen and even with our best efforts a root canal may fail.  Keep in mind, our success rates are always improving and at 90 plus success rate we are not doing to bad.

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Dr Ron Barzilay

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