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Monday, March 11, 2013

Dental Tourism - So Doctor what do you think?

So Doctor what do you think of my teeth?
A patient asked me that about the dental work he had done on a visit to Eastern Europe.  He was very proud to tell me that they paid for his flight, hotel, vacation and teeth.  But now he wanted validation from me that the work he had done was good.  Well it wasn't!  He may have had a new bright smile from ear to ear but the quality of the work was poor and it was just a question of time before this would fail.
I understand people who want to get a good deal or can't afford the work here but the same rule applies everywhere.  BUYER BEWARE!
Usually there is a reason that dentistry is cheaper in third world countries. 
You need to ask yourself a few questions before you go there.
1.  If I have a problem, can I afford to fly back there for them to fix it and will they charge me?
2.  If I have to fly back there to fix something did I really save anything?
2.  If I can't go back for a fix who will fix it for me at home and at what cost?
Truly, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.  Most people do understand this since most people go to their own dentist where if there is a problem with the work there is someone standing behind the work ready to make it right.
If you want to take a chance and go for some dental tourism that it is your decision.  We will always be here if you need us.
A very smart man once said " things that are very cheap usually end up very expensive.

All the best
From a dentist enjoying Dentistry in Hamilton Ontario

Dr. Ron Barzilay

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why does this crown keep falling off?

I have had patients who have been to other dentists and from time to time I get a patient who comes in with the same story.  "Dr., I had this crown done a number of years ago and about once every year or two the crown comes off and the dentist recements it.  Is this normal?  Why is this happenning?"

Well if the crown keeps coming off it means that either the glue holding the tooth is not strong enough or there is not enough tooth to actually hold onto.  Is this normal?  Probably not.

Lets first talk about the glue, there are weak cements used if we want to take a crown off at a later date and there are stronger cements so that even if we don't have that much tooth under the crown then hopefully a strong adhesive or bonding cement will still hold the crown on.  Unfortunately, if the dentist is  using a strong cement and the crown keeps coming off then you are in trouble.  Most likely there is not enough length of tooth under the crown.  If we don't have much tooth under the crown, that can be a real problem since even with strongest adhesive cements you still need something to cement to.  The forces of eating and chewing are really quite great.  The tooth is subject to  forces that pull and push the tooth in every direction and this is happening hundreds of times a day.
If you have a short tooth to begin with and then it must be even shortenned further to prepare the crown you may not have enough tooth structure to retain the crown.
This may be the case but should be planned for before placing the crown such as lenthening the crown before placement or placing retentive devices into the preparation.  A tooth that has been on for many years and now is falling off there is a different problem there.  A tooth that has only been on for a short period of time most likely the tooth is not long enough and the cement now matter how good just can't hold it.
What should you do?  Go back to your dentist and ask him what should be done as it is not right to have this crown coming off every 1-2 years.  He does have the solutions just ask!

All the best

Dr. Ron Barzilay

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