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Friday, September 25, 2015

My Dentist gave me 12 needles, is something wrong?

I have been asked many times about the number of injections given and whether it is OK or not?
Let us start with the basics, it is not the number of times that you have been"given the needle" but for safety it is the the quantity (in cc) of local anesthetic that you are actually being given.  Every dentist can calculate how much of a certain material he/her can give you before you reach unsafe levels (toxic levels).  The amounts that can be given depending on the size and weight of the patient, also whether a child or adult and your general health situation.  Your dentist will know how much he can give you in order to keep you safe.  As to how many injections, that is another story.  Some dentist go in quite aggressively and in 1 "shot" freeze you up. This gets you frozen quickly but sometimes you might be seeing stars.   When I "freeze" a child I can take up to 4 "shots".  The first one a quick short prick, generally not felt, but it freezes the area.  Then another one slightly deeper placing more material and so on.  Throughout we have only used one cartridge or less of material.  I think you get the idea.  Also the number of injections may be related to technique, the length of the procedure and the size of the area being worked on, also whether the area is "frozen" enough or perhaps some extra needs to be added.
In general, your dentist will always do his best to make you comfortable during any procedure he is doing.  Sometimes this may involve 1 " shot" and sometimes multiple "shots".  Don't bother counting, it will not be helpful to you.  If you do have a question, always feel comfortable to ask your dentist.  I am sure he/she will be more than happy to explain to you any questions that you may have.

All the best

Dr. Ron Barzilay

enjoying dentistry in Hamilton Ontario

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


We were sitting around the table in the staff room one afternoon and the discussion came around to TOOTHPASTE!
We started to discuss the different uses of toothpaste and this is what we came up with.

1.  To clean your teeth with.  Toothpaste is an abrasive and you place it on your toothbrush to help clean your teeth.
2.  If you get a burn, you place toothpaste on the burn and it will take away the sting.  (Of course we are talking about small burns not 3rd degree to 90% of your body.)
3.  Bee stings and mosquito bites feel much better after placing toothpaste.
4.  Cleaning your silverware.  Toothpaste does a great job taking off that tarnish.
5.  If your dog gets sprayed by a skunk place toothpaste. (one of our staff members swears by it!)
6.  Drying out acne zits.

If you have any others please let us know.

Toothpaste is really an all purpose product.

All the best
from the all of us in Hamilton Ontario

Dr.Ron Barzilay