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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Patients make your day

Today I  saw a patient whom we completed their treatment 6 months ago.  For a dentist there is nothing more satisfying than a happy patient.  When this patient originally came into my dental office here in Hamilton, she was not a happy person.  Her teeth were falling apart due to decay, gum disease and years of neglect.  She could not smile at anyone because of the way her teeth looked.  After much discussion we took out her upper teeth and placed an immediate denture.  She left the office that day with tears of joy.  She returned a few times for adjustments and I hadn't seen her in about 5 months.  She came in today and was beaming.  She spoke about how her new dentures had changed her life.  How before she was always sore and in pain, how embarassed she was to smile and she didn't go out for that reason.  Today she is happy and we are going to start her lower denture.  These are the moments that make you proud to be a dentist.

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