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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Front baby tooth is now black!

The parents call up and say "my child's front tooth is black. What should I do?"
Well the first thing we tell them is they should come in so we can have a look.
The history of this situation is that the child had received a blow to this front tooth at some point in time and now the tooth had turned dark.  This tooth is no longer vital (alive).  The nerve inside the tooth has died.  The tooth darkens.
If there is no sign of infection, no swelling of the gum, no pain, we leave this tooth alone.  It will most likely fall out by itself when the permanent tooth comes in.  The permanent tooth will come in without any problems.  If there are signs of infection we will extract this tooth so that the infection will not affect the developing permanent tooth.
This is what happenned to my daughter when she was about 3.  She fell, hit her front tooth and it turned dark.  The gums were fine, no sign of infection so we just left it alone and today she has a beautiful smile. (14 years later)

Just another day for a Hamilton Dentist!

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