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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Insurance pays for a cleaning every 9 months. Do I need a cleaning more often?

My Insurance pays for a cleaning every 9 months.  Do I really need a cleaning more often?

I have heard this question many times.  The answer is quite simple.  Insurance plans are financial arrangements between the employer/patient and the insurance company.  One insurance plan allows cleanings every 9 months, one plan allows every 6 months, one plan every 3 months.  Other plans allow a certain amount of cleaning per year.  Yet other plans allow unlimited cleanings.  This variation occurs across the broad spectrum of treamtments done by dentists among the thousands of dental insurance plans that exist.

We as dentists treat patients and your needs as patients.  The dictates of insurance companies are really between the patient and that company.  What the patient needs to remember is that if you go the route of "I only want what is covered" then you have to be prepared for the consequences.  For those people with naturally "good" teeth there may be no consequences as they never really need much in the way of cleanings and dental work.  Most of us are generally not that lucky and if we don't maintain our teeth then we suffer.

So, yes the answer is quite simple, if your dentist says you need it then you need it!  You have to ask yourself, "How important are my teeth to me and what am I willing to do to keep them?" 

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