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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Should Teeth Always be so White?

I received an anonymous letter in the mail this week with an advertising which we posted.
The person who sent us the advertising  made the comment that in one area of the advertising the person's teeth were white, in another area of the advertising the person's teeth were not as white and we should get our money back from the printer as they did a bad job with our print.  This was very interesting to me and I am only sorry that the person sent this anonymously.  What I would have told him is this.  Not everyone has white teeth and believe it or not, as a dentist, I strive to give people what they want and to make people look natural.  We have all seen those cosmetic surgery cases that go wrong because the surgeon just needed to say to the patient that it will not look good and I am not going to do it.  We have seen those people that have had dental work and  the second they smile you are almost blinded by the "light".  In this particular case we had a gentleman who had terrible teeth and they all needed to come out.  We gave him new dentures which were appropriate for his age and complexion.  He also did not want his smile to be overwhelming to those who knew him as until now he hardly smiled and he wanted his smile to look natural.  I was very proud of the job we did and how we helped change this gentlemans' life.
Today, in general, we actually do go for slightly whiter teeth since everyone is whitening their teeth and have whiter smiles. But!! I will always do what is appropriate for my patient and tell him or her if this is what is right for them or maybe we have to go for a color that is less conspicuous.
As to the advertising, I guess we could have posted a case that had a whiter end product but I am really proud of this case and it is a truly realistic case and result.
The marketing people and this particular person may not like it that much but I really like honesty in my marketing.
All the best
Dr. Ron Barzilay
Having fun in Hamilton Ontario

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