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Thursday, May 23, 2019

My Insurance! My Insurance! My Insurance! - Do you know anything about your insurance?

This is a true story.
A patient of ours was in the other day.  We had just made  new dentures for him and his wife.
We said we would send it to his insurance company to see if they would pay but he right away knew that they would not pay since he didn't have coverage for dentures.  Of course, shortly after that we heard from the insurance company that he has no coverage for dentures (major coverage).
He did tell us that he pays $170 dollars a month for only dental insurance for himself and his wife.
$2040 dollars a year for him and his wife and there was no major coverage.
My staff were flabbergasted.  They almost never have fillings to do and their cleanings amount to about 2 months of their premiums
So they pay their premiums faithfully every month but never get value.  In other words, in their case, it is not worth it to get insurance. Pay your dental bills out of pocket and they would be left with a larger sum of money in their pockets.
   Is this the case for everyone?  Of course not but it was the case for them.  Many people when they come to see me, say that they haven't been to the dentist for years because they didn't have dental insurance so they couldn't afford it.  I always explain to them that dental insurance costs money and that if they put that same money aside to go to the dentist they would be surprised by what value they get.
    The morals of the story?
 1. Check what you are actually getting when you buy dental insurance.  How much does it cost and is it really worth it.
2.  You can still go to the dentist even if you don't have insurance.

All the best

Dr. Ron Barzilay

Having fun practising dentistry in Hamilton Ontario Canada

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  1. Hello Doctor. I just noticed today a 6 year RCT molar has a swollen gum right above the crown. There is no paint or white mark. Is this a swollen gum or dare I say has the RCT gone bad? A x-ray would confirm this?

    1. HI JRasero,
      I saw the pictures you sent, whether it is a root canal that has failed or a fractured tooth or a gum problem I can't tell you without checking it out. You would need an xray and you need to get it checked out because it won't go away on it's own. It looks like you have a crown there and if you have a root canal treatment underneath already then it is not a good situation. Have it checked out ASAP.