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Monday, May 16, 2011

Spent the day with Dr. McIsaac, Pediatric Dentist

I had a lot of fun today at Dr. McIsaac's pediatric dental office. 

We refer children to Dr. McIsaac that I feel we can not treat in our office.  I wanted to go to their office to see what a day in a pediatric dental office looks like.  Hopefully I would pick up some pointers and some new perspectives as I love working with kids.

Dr. McIsaac is a pedodontist who has been around for some time and has a wealth of experience.  It was a pleasure to speak to him and to see him in action.  Remember, he gets the toughest cases.  From the youngest to the loudest (screamers that is) not to mention the special needs patients.  He and his staff remain calm throughout, just going about their normal day.  I give Dr. McIsaac a lot of credit because he truly has a tough job and yet does a great job and enjoys doing it.

I was very satisfied at the end of the day as on a day like this you always pick up pointers that you can bring home to your practise and do an even better job for your patients.  Does this mean I will no longer refer to a pedodontist.  No it does not.  We as professionals always try to improve what we do but as professionals we must always respect our boundaries.  I am lucky that I have many great dental specialists in the city of Hamilton to refer to if the need arises.

Thank you to Dr. McIsaac and staff for a great day.


  1. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children be taken to see a pediatric dentist at least six months after they get their first tooth. It may seem strange to think about taking a child who is under one into a dentist's office' but doing so will help make sure his/her teeth stay healthy and get him/her used to visits that will become a regular part of his life.

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