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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tongue Tied - what does it mean? What do you do?

Today a patient brought in her 4 year old son for the first time.  The child was great, no problems except we noticed that the tip of his tongue was tied to tissue attached to the floor of his mouth and rising up to the back of his lower front teeth.
This is called Ankyloglossia or Tongue Tie.
This attachment can interfere with the baby or child's eating or speech.  Often it is snipped by the paedatrician when the child is just a baby.   Often it is just left so they can see if it does interfere with speech and eating.  If it does interfere then it is removed.  What the paedatricians often forget is that because it is attached to the gingiva behind the lower front teeth it tends to pull the gingiva down and create gum problems which will affect the long term health of the lower front teeth.  In these cases the attachments must be removed. 
In addition to consultation with your family doctor you should consult with your family dentist.  It is a quick procedure but important to do before you develop any associated problems.  The best people to do these procedures are the dentists, periodontists or the oral surgeon.

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